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My team

  This is my team. We have a unique advantage in that we have worked together through 2 full school years. G was the most recent to join. D pre-dates G by a year, but R and I have been... Continue Reading →

Two truths and a lie: math style

I joined Twitter last year as part of JumpStart 2016. One recommendation that Jennifer made was to keep one social media account for education purposes as much as possible. I decided to do that with Twitter, so I have focused... Continue Reading →

Teaching Teachers, part 2

When I was at a Cambridge workshop in February, the trainer for the math portion and I were chatting and she mentioned that Cambridge was recruiting for trainers in China. She said she thought I should apply, that based on... Continue Reading →

Teaching teachers, part 1

When I returned to teaching after 6 years of doing other things (story for another day), I got a job in my home district as a math specialist. I didn't really know what that would entail, but it was math... Continue Reading →

Introducing Trigonometry

I love Trigonometry, but I don't love teaching the basics. A few weeks ago, this article came across my social media feed, and it got me thinking about my upcoming Trig unit. I followed most of the suggestions in here.... Continue Reading →

Teaching Rotations

When I started teaching, it was standard practice to use tracing paper to teach rotations. I never loved it, because it involved having to keep track of tiny pieces of paper, and find them year on year. One year I... Continue Reading →

3D Pythagoras

I have taught 3D Pythagoras for several years now. Some students have such a hard time visualizing it on a 2D projection, so I've been trying to come up with new ways of introducing it. I also get very bored... Continue Reading →

Assessment for Learning, part 2

I really enjoyed the math sessions during this two day workshop. We received so many new ideas, and it was also informative to be able to chat with other math teachers about how they introduce ideas. I introduced the idea... Continue Reading →

Assessment for Learning, part 1

The second day of my workshop was all about Assessment for Learning (AFL). In the first session, they gave us some terms for assessment for learning, and a key takeaway that I had was that formative assessment becomes assessment for... Continue Reading →

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