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Hidden Decision Making

Last night I saw this video shared on Twitter. (Stop and take 6 minutes to watch it, and then come back here) Annie Fetter was sharing about the hidden decision making we all do in the classroom. As I... Continue Reading →

“That’s How You Grow”

Last year when I taught year 9 (U.S. 8th grade), I had 2 main things I wanted them to remember, and both are strong ideas that I've gotten over the years from Jo Boaler, Carol Dweck, and some of the... Continue Reading →

Winging it

Sometimes my best ideas come when I wing it. I don't wing it all the time, but I have been known to toss a plan out the window half an hour before a lesson and try something new. Today I... Continue Reading →

Sharing best practices

My school has a new head of secondary this year. One of the changes he's brought into our faculty meetings is to highlight good teaching practices, and encouraging others to try out new things in their own classrooms. I really... Continue Reading →

Integrating more technology

I had the opportunity to attend CAMT (Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching) in San Antonio this past June. While at the conference, I learned so many things that I wanted to bring back to my classroom. I found... Continue Reading →

Jumpstart 2016: Module 8

This final post is a reflective piece about this course. What was your favorite module in this course? Why? I think getting social. I had been thinking about joining Twitter, and I am glad I had another push towards it.... Continue Reading →

Jumpstart 2016: Module 7

For module 7, the task was to create a screencast of how to do something I learned in this course. I chose to re-do the quick screencast I had done previously of how to customize the menu bar in WordPress.... Continue Reading →

Jumpstart 2016: Module 6

For this module, I chose to make a Quizlet. I've seen the site before, but never actually used it, so this module gave me the kick that I needed to do it. I found the site really easy to use.... Continue Reading →

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