For module 2, there were 2 assignments, which were to set up a cloud storage bin and a back channel.

For the cloud storage, I chose Dropbox for the simple reason that I have had a Dropbox Pro account for years. My husband and I decided to upgrade to the Pro account since we’ve got years of pictures and important documents that we don’t want to lose in case of a hard drive failure, which has happened to both of us before. I created an additional folder in my school documents for JumpStart 2016. You can download my first module assignment here.

For a Backchannel, Jennifer recommended that we all use Voxer. I’d only heard of it through Cult of Pedagogy, so it was a new tool for me, but very easy to use. I currently use a chat app called WeChat that has voice messaging built in, so I’ve been using this type of tool for a long time. It’s fairly easy to learn.