For this module, I need to practice embedding content into a website. This part is for a Vimeo video.

I chose a video by The Starfish Project, which is a jewelry company in China very near and dear to my heart. They rescue exploited women and give them a better future.

The title of the video is  “Starfish Project – Restoring Hope to Exploited Women – Promo Video“, and it was created by Josh Kidwell and narrated by Doug McGee.

Starfish Project – Restoring Hope to Exploited Women – Promo Video from Starfish Project on Vimeo.

I could use this in my teaching in several ways. I recently found out that there is a TeacherTube video channel for the TI Nspire calculators, so I could embed videos for my students to show them various tools on the calculators. I could also embed videos for flipping classrooms and have lessons with several videos embedded and questions that need to be answered.