For module 7, the task was to create a screencast of how to do something I learned in this course. I chose to re-do the quick screencast I had done previously of how to customize the menu bar in WordPress. I didn’t have sound on the one I did before, so I added my voice and made it a bit longer.

I originally learned how to screencast when I did an online PD on flipping classrooms, and I had used it before that, so this is not a new skill for me.

I have used a video before to show students how to use an online program that we utilize at our school, so that I didn’t have to explain it over and over, and for new students I could give them the video rather than having to sit and have a tutorial.

The most obvious application of screencasting is flipping your class, and that is something I’ve toyed with before, and am still interested in doing in the future. A coworker had an interesting way of using screencasts, and that was to do an annotated read of first drafts of class papers. I thought that was a great use of the time and far more effective for the student to be able to go back and look at it over and over rather than a one time meeting where they have to write everything down and try to remember it when they pick it back up a week later.

My screencast is below, and can also be found here on YouTube.