This final post is a reflective piece about this course.

  1. What was your favorite module in this course? Why?

I think getting social. I had been thinking about joining Twitter, and I am glad I had another push towards it. If I can make it more about PD, then I can peruse it when I’m in education mode.


  1. Which module in this course was the most challenging for you? Why? What did you learn from that experience?

To be honest, none of them were that challenging. I am fairly adept at technology, and am a fast learner. I’m still glad I took this course, as it gives me more tools in my toolbelt, and has shown me things that I can share with colleagues.


  1. Choose two tools from this course that you would like to start using in your teaching or work. How exactly would you use them? If you don’t plan to use any of the tools from this course, talk about the reasons why.

I will probably keep up with WordPress and my blog. I would also be interested in introducing ThingLink to my students for them to make review sets for their classes. I’d have to spend some time figuring it out but I think it could end up being a valuable resource.


  1. Browse the Teacher’s Guide to Tech and choose two new tools (or categories of tools) that you would like to learn next. Explain how each one might meet a particular need, help you reach a certain goal, or solve a problem for you.


I have been introduced to Socrative before, and thought it useful then, but then quickly forgot about it. I think I would like to use it with class reviews, if I can find time to set up the quizzes beforehand.


I am also interested in Kaizena. A coworker did something similar to this, but he videoed the entire process of him reading the paper and commenting on it. This could be more useful for me so students can listen over and over, but I would want to give feedback on sections rather than specific sentences. This could help me with my IB Investigations


  1. Set three concrete, measurable tech goals for yourself. Set a deadline for each one.


All of my goals are ongoing, so dates are difficult to put on them.


My first goal is unrelated to the tech in the guide, but it’s a technology I learned more about in my math conference. I will use the TI Nspire Navigator at least once per unit in my IGCSE Math classes this semester.


My second goal is to learn how to use Kaizena and use it with my students for their first drafts of their IAs, which will be due by November.


My third goal is to make my Promethean board more than just a whiteboard. I will add more elements to my already prepared lesson templates and use them in class. I will start with my IB year 13 ones and do at least 1 per week.


  1. What has been your most important take-away from this course? In other words, what is the most important lesson you learned?


I think a big takeaway is that tech doesn’t have to be a huge overhaul of my processes. I can introduce it in small chunks, and just one at a time.

And there are a lot of ways to use what I already know how to do and expand upon that.