I just finished listening to 2 episodes of “MyBad” and realized that I need to do more reflection on my classroom practices, especially when a great lesson doesn’t actually lead to learning.

One of my earlier blog posts, “Using More Technology” was about using Desmos in the classroom. I was so excited about that lesson and felt it was successful. Then came the test. Massive fail. Most students didn’t remember the concept.

Thinking back, I think I moved forward too quickly. I didn’t have time to practice finding the function from the graph like I should have, and I expected that the students would do it on their own. That was not the case. My class is very active in after school activities and most of them did not have time to spend practicing like they should have.

I have done the same topic with a couple other classes, and each time I have tried to spend more time identifying the equation of a graph. I think it would be helpful if I made task cards or a Desmos matching activity and had students match graphs and equations. I could also have them go through the Desmos activity again once they learn all the standard forms of a function. I’ll try it this week and see how it goes.

How do you reflect on your lessons?