When I was at a Cambridge workshop in February, the trainer for the math portion and I were chatting and she mentioned that Cambridge was recruiting for trainers in China. She said she thought I should apply, that based on what she’d seen, she thought I would make a good trainer. I looked into it and spoke to my Head of Secondary, and he encouraged me to go for it.

The process is quite lengthy. There was a multiple step application, including some short essays. A few weeks after I submitted the application, I was invited to attend a selection event. It was to take place over 2 days. In order to get ready, I needed to prepare a 90 minute session plan for Active Learning or Assessment for Learning. Then I was to choose 15 minutes of that to showcase in front of a small group of people.

On the first day of the selection event, some lead trainers from Cambridge International Examination went through several sessions on how to be a good trainer. The next day we presented our showcases. When everyone was done, we did a reflection exercise for ourselves. I asked and received permission to film mine. I chose to focus on Robert Kaplinsky’s work on Depth of Knowledge and using it for Active Learning.


I felt like I had done fairly well, and I had fulfilled all the standards of the requirements that were sent to us before the event. About 10 days after the workshop I was invited to continue on the process, which was an online induction course. I have a few more steps, including an online forum, shadowing a workshop, and being observed by a trainer for a workshop, before I am a Certified Cambridge Trainer. When I am certified, I will be invited to present workshops in other cities in China, and eventually other countries. Cambridge is expanding rapidly in China, so I think there is a need for more training to implement Cambridge teaching practices.

This is a great next step on my quest to help teachers. I’m excited about the students I can impact through helping the teachers I will encounter through leading professional development workshops.