This is my team. We have a unique advantage in that we have worked together through 2 full school years. G was the most recent to join. D pre-dates G by a year, but R and I have been working together for 5 school years. Last night we had a team dinner with all of us, and I have been thinking today about how great of a team this is.

For the past 3 years, we have had a time blocked out on our time table for weekly meetings. Regular meetings have helped us stay on top of things and support each other.

I do feel very lucky to be part of this team. We have supported each other through a lot of ups and downs, professionally and personally. When we have disagreements, we work through them and either compromise or debate and come to a resolution. One important takeaway I had from a PD workshop was that teams work when people feel “safe”. This is a team I feel safe in. If I disagree, I know I can share my feelings without being attacked for them later. If someone disagrees with me, they know they can talk to me without me getting upset. We do come from different pedagogical approaches, but always hold to the fact that Math is Math. (or maths, if they are from the U.K.) At the end of the day, we want students to learn and appreciate math, and we work towards that however we can.

About the pictures:

Pi Day: We always “celebrate” Pi Day. This year we decided that we would wear our Pi shirts, and one class organized a math competition at lunch. In years past, we have organized assemblies and other fun activities to celebrate this wonderful ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Global Community Day: At the end of our school’s annual spring community day, we just all happened to be chatting together, and our head of secondary grabbed us for a photo. He then emailed it to us with the subject: “Proving maths has a beauty all of its own…”  It really is a great picture of us, even at the end of a long, hot, fun day.

Collaboration: During our meetings, we do what needs to be done. In this case, we needed to mark some year 7 statistics projects. Students were given several question prompts and told to answer using statistics and a presentation. I’ll be doing something similar next year with a class, and will write about it then. This one wasn’t my project, but as part of the team, I helped mark it.



Question: What was the best teaching team you have ever been a part of? What do you think made it the best?