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I am an American living in Beijing, teaching and coaching Mathematics at an international school. I've taught for more than 10 years and have my Master's in Education in Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction.

Jumpstart 2016: Module 8

This final post is a reflective piece about this course. What was your favorite module in this course? Why? I think getting social. I had been thinking about joining Twitter, and I am glad I had another push towards it.... Continue Reading →

Jumpstart 2016: Module 7

For module 7, the task was to create a screencast of how to do something I learned in this course. I chose to re-do the quick screencast I had done previously of how to customize the menu bar in WordPress.... Continue Reading →

Jumpstart 2016: Module 6

For this module, I chose to make a Quizlet. I've seen the site before, but never actually used it, so this module gave me the kick that I needed to do it. I found the site really easy to use.... Continue Reading →

Jumpstart 2016: Module 5

Module 5 is about getting social- on social media. I'm already fairly active on Facebook, but I haven't gotten on Twitter yet. I have been thinking about it lately, and I'm glad for this push to get on. When I... Continue Reading →

Jumpstart 2016: Module 4, part 3

For part 3, I am embedding a SlideShare created by someone else. I don't really use a lot of powerpoints in my teaching, but I do use interactive whiteboards and I save my presentations as PDFs. I suppose I could... Continue Reading →

Jumpstart 2016: Module 4, part 2

For this part, I am adding a ThingLink, which is an online interactive poster. I can see many uses for this in classes. Students can create presentations for review concepts. I could also scan responses and students could add comments... Continue Reading →

Jumpstart 2016: Module 4, part 1

For this module, I need to practice embedding content into a website. This part is for a Vimeo video. I chose a video by The Starfish Project, which is a jewelry company in China very near and dear to my... Continue Reading →

Jumpstart 2016: Module 3

I have used Weebly before for a class website and have blogged on it regularly, so learning WordPress wasn't that much of a stretch for me. There are a lot of things I like to learn by doing, and this... Continue Reading →

Jumpstart 2016: Module 2

For module 2, there were 2 assignments, which were to set up a cloud storage bin and a back channel. For the cloud storage, I chose Dropbox for the simple reason that I have had a Dropbox Pro account for... Continue Reading →

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