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Teaching Rotations

When I started teaching, it was standard practice to use tracing paper to teach rotations. I never loved it, because it involved having to keep track of tiny pieces of paper, and find them year on year. One year I... Continue Reading →

Hacking a Hack

I am a big fan of Jennifer Gonzalez and her site┬áCult of Pedagogy. I follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts, and email. She gives very practical tips and is down to earth. If you don't follow her, you should. Last... Continue Reading →

“That’s How You Grow”

Last year when I taught year 9 (U.S. 8th grade), I had 2 main things I wanted them to remember, and both are strong ideas that I've gotten over the years from Jo Boaler, Carol Dweck, and some of the... Continue Reading →

Sharing best practices

My school has a new head of secondary this year. One of the changes he's brought into our faculty meetings is to highlight good teaching practices, and encouraging others to try out new things in their own classrooms. I really... Continue Reading →

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