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Teaching Teachers, part 2

When I was at a Cambridge workshop in February, the trainer for the math portion and I were chatting and she mentioned that Cambridge was recruiting for trainers in China. She said she thought I should apply, that based on... Continue Reading →

Assessment for Learning, part 2

I really enjoyed the math sessions during this two day workshop. We received so many new ideas, and it was also informative to be able to chat with other math teachers about how they introduce ideas. I introduced the idea... Continue Reading →

Assessment for Learning, part 1

The second day of my workshop was all about Assessment for Learning (AFL). In the first session, they gave us some terms for assessment for learning, and a key takeaway that I had was that formative assessment becomes assessment for... Continue Reading →

Active Learning

Recently I attended a 2 day workshop from Cambridge International Education on Active Learning and Assessment for Learning. It was eye opening. Before the workshop, I really thought active learning was when students are up and moving and active. It... Continue Reading →

Hacking a Hack

I am a big fan of Jennifer Gonzalez and her site┬áCult of Pedagogy. I follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts, and email. She gives very practical tips and is down to earth. If you don't follow her, you should. Last... Continue Reading →

Protected: Instructional coaching

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Hidden Decision Making

Last night I saw this video shared on Twitter. (Stop and take 6 minutes to watch it, and then come back here) Annie Fetter was sharing about the hidden decision making we all do in the classroom. As I... Continue Reading →

Integrating more technology

I had the opportunity to attend CAMT (Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching) in San Antonio this past June. While at the conference, I learned so many things that I wanted to bring back to my classroom. I found... Continue Reading →

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