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Jumpstart 2016: Module 3

I have used Weebly before for a class website and have blogged on it regularly, so learning WordPress wasn't that much of a stretch for me. There are a lot of things I like to learn by doing, and this... Continue Reading →

Jumpstart 2016: Module 2

For module 2, there were 2 assignments, which were to set up a cloud storage bin and a back channel. For the cloud storage, I chose Dropbox for the simple reason that I have had a Dropbox Pro account for... Continue Reading →

Jumpstart 2016: Module 1

This summer I am taking the time to go through The Teacher's Guide to Tech, using a mini-course called Jump Start. I've had the course for a while now but haven't taken the time to start it. There's a Facebook group going through... Continue Reading →

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